3 in 1 Kit – X Ganeem 90 Caps + ELV Tejocote Root 90 Pieces + Eau Kalin 20ml




A type of ionized water that is a powerful antioxidant, at the same time that it favors the production of oxygen, helping to fight free radicals, correcting the acid/alkaline balance of the body, regenerating cells, and fighting different signs
of aging.


  • Moisturizes more easily
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Detoxifies
  • Improves concentration and alertness in children
  • Fight fluid retention
  • It suppresses hunger and increases the functioning of the metabolism
  • Improves the taste of food while helping to absorb and digest it
  • It’s better than many energy drinks
  • Helps maintain stable blood pressure



It is recommended to take it for cases of chronic diarrhea, indigestion, stomach and intestine diseases, and constipation. In addition, it favors the digestion of food and neutralizes gastric hyperacidity, the origin of gastritis and gastroduodenal ulcers.

ELV Alipotec® Always concerned about your health, it has decided to make it easier for you to add
alkalization to your diet, which is why it developed EAU KALIN, which is a magnificent alkalizer since it contains magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium, among others, in ionic form. so that your body can enjoy the benefits of these vital minerals.

These ions help to: prevent colon cancer, reduce obesity, maintain the acid-base balance, which controls the amount and normal distribution of water in the body and helps to regulate all cellular functions and especially in the excitability of the heart, muscles, and nervous system; It is essential for the movement of the myocardium and activates the enzymatic systems, among other essential benefits to keep your body healthy.

Daily dose:

The recommended dose of EAU KALIN is 5 drops per half a liter of water.

Remember that you should not exceed 15 drops a day. Together with the multiple benefits that EAU KALIN offers you, this is its modern and easy-to-carry container anywhere, so you won’t have an excuse to be healthy.


They are capsules that contain Moringa and Neem.

What is Moringa?

The Moringa or Sahjan is a tree that is called “THE TREE OF LIFE” because it is a MULTIVITAMIN TREE WITH A HIGH CONCENTRATION OF NUTRIENTS.


It is native to the Kerala state of India.

Important characteristics:
The leaves stand out for their high nutritional value, they are rich in proteins, vitamins (it has all the B Complex), minerals, antioxidants (with high concentrations of omega), and phytonutrients.

  • 25 times more iron than spinach
  • 17 times more Calcium than milk
  • 15 times more potassium than bananas
  • 10 times more Vitamin A than carrots
  • 9 times more protein than yogurt


Its medical attributes prevent, mitigate or cure more than 300 diseases.

• Normalizes blood pressure.
• Normalizes blood sugar.
• Strengthens the Immune System.
• Anti-Carcinogenic.
• Improves digestion.
• Detoxifying.
• Improves digestion.
• Anti-Oxidant.
• Reduces wrinkles due to age.
• Appetite suppressant.
• Anti-depressant.
• Increases energy.

What is Neem?

The Neem or Azadirachta is a tree which is called ¨THE PHARMACY TREE¨, The Wonder Tree or ¨THE ONE THAT CAN CURE ALL ILLNESSES AND DISEASES¨ among others, this because according to records it has been fighting more than 340 diseases for centuries. immemorial.


Neem is native to India.

Important features:

Since ancient times, Neem has been associated with curing diseases in the Indian Subcontinent. A large number of medicines, cosmetics, and pharmacists base their formulas on Neem derivatives due to their unique properties. Through multidisciplinary scientific research, some of the compounds responsible for the “miraculous” properties of Neem have been identified: NIMBIN, NIMBIDIN, NIMBIDOL, GENUNIN, SODIUM NIMBINATE, QUERCETIN, SALANINN, AZADIRACHTIN.


Its medical attributes prevent, mitigate or cure more than 340 diseases.

• Nervous Disorders
• Powerful Blood Purifier
• Digestive Disorders
• Tones Muscles
• Anxiety
• Diabetes
• Cancer
• Allergies
• Cardiac Disorders
• Herpes
• Ovarian Cysts
• Psoriasis, Scabies.
• Oral care
• Gastritis, ulcers
• Parasites
• Insect repellent




Tejocotex is 100% authentic, pure, and superior quality tejocota. Processed and harvested in the same way as the leading brand A Lipo Tec. Prepared in easy-to-use daily micro-doses and packaged in FDA-approved packaging with full nutritional facts available. The same quality, safe packaging, and better price. Each bottle contains 90 microdoses


?Drink two liters of water daily.
?Eat a banana a day.
?Include the intake of foods with a high potassium content (it is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended to balance the eventual loss of potassium).
?Take a micro-dose at lunch, which is the most abundant food of the day.
?Never take on an empty stomach.
?It is taken as if it were a pill, with a glass of water.

Possible temporary reactions in the body:

  • Stomach discomfort, gas, and flatulence (the first days of treatment)
  • Muscle pain and slight decay due to the elimination of accumulated fat.
  • In some cases, little balls appear in the body, especially in women (under the breasts), this is normal since they are accumulations of fat that come together to be eliminated later.
  • Headache, disgust, decay, sleepiness, tiredness, cramps, or swelling.
  • Muscle pain, burning body fat releases lactic acid from the muscle and causes discomfort (similar to the feeling of when we lift weights in the gym)

Do not take in the following cases:

  • Persons under 12 years of age.
  • People in a state of convalescence or dependents.
  • Like any treatment (even the natural ones), stop immediately if there is any allergy or intolerance to the product.


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